NSB Rose Quartz & Rose Gold Hematite (Love & Harmony)
NSB Rose Quartz & Rose Gold Hematite (Love & Harmony)

Rose Quartz & Rose Gold Hematite (Love & Harmony)

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Rose Quartz & Rose Gold Hematite Bracelet (Love & Harmony)

  • Rose Quartz (Unconditional Love)
    Love - Healing - Peace - Rejuvenation - Harmony
    Rose Quartz has long been recognized as the stone of unconditional love. With its beautiful soft pink hue and gentle energy, this stone brings deep inner healing and peace. Rose quartz will help to restore trust in relationships, soothe the heart in times of grief or loss and will encourage self-love and acceptance. 

  • Hematite (Harmony)
    Protection - Courage - Stability - Support - Confidence
    Hematite is a stone of protection and balance. It carries a grounding energy that brings harmony to the mind, body, and emotions. this crystal also enhances willpower and courage, especially for those who lack confidence in themselves. 

❥ Genuine Natural Gemstones

  • Features 6mm genuine gemstone beads and 4mm silver Hematite gemstone beads. Strung on non-fray stretch nylon cord for strength and flexibility.

  • Please allow for minor differences between each stone. Because they are natural genuine stones, some may be lighter/darker OR smaller/larger than pictured or have minor imperfections.

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