Building My Empire - Makeup Applicator

Building My Empire - Makeup Applicator

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Patented · Dual-sided · Use wet or dry · Hygenic · Easy to clean

Work your favorite complexion products in half the time with this patented, dual-sided makeup applicator. Effortlessly use either end of "Building My Empire", wet or dry. With a twirl of the handle, you can leave your hands, tech, and cell phone makeup free.

The large dome-shaped applicator is perfect for applying foundation or other liquid & cream formulated products. Use in quick, stamping motions across the face. Use the small precise applicator end to apply concealer in hard-to-reach areas around the eyes & nose. Can also be used with your fave contour, highlighters & blushes! REAL

Use the sides of the large dome-shaped applicator to roll contour and highlight products where needed. Use the small precise applicator to buff and blend them out. To clean, wash the applicator with soap and water until the

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