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❥  SO IRRESISTIBLE - Luxe Lashes

  • 3D faux mink lashes
  • Vegan and cruelty free 
  • Lightweight and reusable 


  1. Gently remove lashes from the insert; starting with the outer corner of the lash.
  2. Measure the lash and trim to fit. We recommend trimming the lash to be sure it doesn't touch the inner corner of your eye.
  3. Apply your favorite lash glue! 
  4. Let the lash glue dry down until it is sticky. We wait about 30 seconds!
  5. Apply the lash to your natural lash line and pinch together with your natural lashes. You can use tweezers too!


  1. Take a cotton swab with OIL FREE makeup remover and gently apply it along the band of the lash avoiding applying too much to the lashes themselves.
  2. Then take a dry cotton swab and gently pull away the excess glue.
  3. DO NOT USE WATER! It could damage the overall look of the lash. 

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