NSB Azurite (Self-Awareness)

Azurite (Self-Awareness)

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Azurite Bracelet (Self-Awareness)

  • Azurite (Self-Awareness)
    Self-Awareness - Creativity - Communication - Wisdom - Manifestation
    Azurite enables you to really know what it is you are hoping to manifest. It is particularly helpful in dissolving old or unnecessary belief systems, which may be holding you back from your true quest. The deep azure blue of the stone asks you to look deep within yourself, as if looking into the depths of the sea and finding that beneath all the higher swimming sharks, is another world of deep illumination. Discovering this place will bring you the kind of success you may not have ever imagined. 

Genuine Natural Stones

  • Features genuine 8mm gemstone beads, strung on non-fray stretch nylon cord for strength and flexibility. 
  • Please allow for minor differences between each stone. Because they are natural genuine stones, some may be lighter/darker OR smaller/larger than pictured or have minor imperfections.