NSB 7 Chakra Amazonite (Balance)
NSB 7 Chakra Amazonite (Balance)
NSB 7 Chakra Amazonite (Balance)
NSB 7 Chakra Amazonite (Balance)
NSB 7 Chakra Amazonite (Balance)

7 Chakra Amazonite (Balance)

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7 Chakra Diffuser Bracelet - Stones: 

  • Amazonite (Empowerment)
    Success - Prosperity - Truth - Courage - Empowerment
    With its captivating blue-green hue and powerful healing abilities, amazonite has been a popular stone for hundreds of years. Named after the Amazon River for its soothing water-like appearance, this stone carries a strong and beautiful energy that encourages empowerment and success. It is also a manifestation stone that can be used to attract abundance and good fortune.

  • Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra): known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Clear Quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain. It is often used to cleanse, open, activate, and align all of the chakras. Since Clear Quartz absorbs energies very easily, it is important to clear these stones on a regular basis.

  • Amethyst (Third Eye Chakra): a natural stress reliever, Amethyst can encourage inner strength. The strong healing energy of Amethyst can transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies, transforming negative energy to love energy. Amethyst connects the physical plane with higher realm, making it a good choice when working with the Third Eye Chakra.

  • Sodalite (Throat Chakra): encourages being true to self and standing up for your beliefs. A stone of self-expression and confidence, Sodalite can aid in issues of self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. Sodalite promotes intuition and a trust in one's own judgment, which can be a great ally in daily life. Sodalite helps to achieve emotional balance, releasing old conditioning and programming of the past which no longer serves.

  • Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra): has a particularly soothing energy behind it, and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. It is commonly known as a “stone of personal growth”, and offers opportunities for learning about oneself and one's place in the universe. Green Aventurine is a great piece to use when working with the Heart Chakra and/or the Water Elements.

  • Citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra): powered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses, promotes optimism and energizes. Highly protective, Citrine makes a great tool for transmuting negative energy. Most often associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Citrine can also be used to cleanse all Chakras. Citrine will help support the energy of a family environment at work or at home.

  • Carnelian (Sacral Chakra): increases personal power and physical energy, gives courage, vitality and boosts creativity and compassion. Mentally, Carnelian focuses analytical capabilities, and aids meditation by allowing deeper concentration and keeping out interrupting thoughts. Carnelian is useful in making decisions by keeping us focused on the here and now rather than past experiences. Carnelian encourages initiative and determination. It's the perfect stone to have on hand when you need motivation to keep going!

  • Bloodstone (Root Chakra): a powerful healing stone. It is often used to purify and detoxify the body. Great at grounding negative energy and cleansing the body, Bloodstone brings love into any situation and helps ground the negative energies surrounding that issue. Bloodstone assists in enhancing the functions of the mind, bringing clarity and understanding to subjects that were unfamiliar.

Genuine Natural Stones

  • Features 8mm gemstones, strung on non fray stretch nylon cord for strength and flexibility.
  • Please allow for minor differences between each stone. Because they are natural genuine stones, some may be lighter/darker OR smaller/larger than pictured or have minor imperfections.