Hematite & Black Onyx (Negative Energy Protection)

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❥ Hematite & Black Onyx Bracelet (Negative Energy Protection)

  • Hematite (Harmony)
    Protection - Courage - Stabilty - Support - Confidence
    Hematite is a stone of protection and balance. It carries a grounding energy that brings harmony to the mind, body, and emotions. this crystal also enhances willpower and courage, especially for those who lack confidence in themselves. 
  • Onyx (Strength & Stability)
    Protection - Strength - Stability - Vitality - Confidence
    Onyx is a grounding stone that brings strength and stability. It carries a strong energy of protection, guarding against negativity of all kinds. Onyx also builds self-confidence and enhances vitality. 

❥ Genuine Natural Stones

  • Features genuine 8mm gemstone beads, strung on non fray stretch nylon cord for strength and flexibility. 
  • No two stones are just alike. Please allow for minor differences between each stone. Some stones may be lighter/darker OR smaller/larger than pictured or have minor imperfections.