DEFINER BROW PENCIL - Eye Am Grateful (light)

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FEATURES & BENEFITS  Certified Cruelty-free · Vegan · Waterproof · Paraben-Free · Gluten-Free · Long-Lasting · Micro-tip Point · Dual-Ended with a Spoolie

WHY IT’S REAL – This long-lasting, micro-tip pencil allows you to create individual-like hairs for a subtle or bold brow look. Its creamy wax-based formulation glides beautifully and naturally on skin. This waterproof pencil is stress-free to help you through any challenges you face in life.

REAL APPLICATION  – For a subtle brow, start by creating soft, individual, hair-like strokes beginning towards the beginning of your brow. Move in light, upward motions, following your natural arch. Diffuse any harsh lines by using the spoolie side of your pencil.

For a bolder brow, apply with more pressure when drawing in your hairs. Next, fill in your brow with soft, even strokes to create more intensity. Going back with your spoolie, diffuse the brows slightly, to keep your bolder brow, but soften any harsh lines.

REAL TIPS  – Create a starting point for even brows by drawing a soft line along the base of your natural arch. Create a stopping point for your brows by dotting where you want your brows to end before you fully commit to drawing them in.